Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tatted Earrings

 These tatted earrings are inspired by the pendant pattern in the book Tatting with Beads by Rosemarie Peel.  I borrowed the book from the Northern Lights Lace Makers

As usual for me, I went a bit overboard with the beads.  The pattern suggests only putting beads at the bottom of the pendant but I felt like more was better.

I think they turned out quite well and I made several pairs.


Jony Gibson said...

Tatted earrings looking gorgeous. i like it!!!! many thanks for sharing this with us.
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Fox said...

Fox : )

Monica said...

Love them! Really, really cheerful!

Nancy in Dallas said...
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Nancy in Dallas said...

I love it! Using the multicolored beads was a great idea. Thanks for sharing.