Saturday, November 24, 2012

Milward Tatting Shuttle

This summer we were driving west on Highway # 1 and finally decided to stop at Junk for Joy, an antique and stuff shop on the side of the road near Portage la Prairie MB. There was so much stuff to look at and it wasn’t easy either, since we had my dog with us so we couldn’t just look around – someone had to stay outside with her.

In my peering, peeking and poking around I found a tatting shuttle – a style I don’t already have. I bought it, put it in the glove box and forgot all about it until now when I came across it again.

This shuttle already gave me two great smiles – the first time I found it AND the second time when I found it again.


Fox said...

Man=oh-man.... Nothing like THAT ever happened to me while driving through Portage la Prairie!

Great find!, Monica!
Fox : ))

Jane Eborall said...

Memories, oh sweet memories. That was my first ever shuttle type and the grand old age of 13. They were made about twenty/thirty miles away from where I live. The hooks used to have a green ribbon on them and I lost dozens of them down the side of my sofas and friends for whom I used to babysit. Thank you for the trip down 'memory lane' as my late dad used to call it.

Lynda said...

I used the Milward tatting shuttle 35 years ago, now lost 3 of them and desperately trying to find one to buy as I am going to rekindle my love of tatting. I just hate these plastic ones and the bobbins. Can anyone help me.