Saturday, April 13, 2013

Embroidered Snowman Doll

This is my first attempt at making an embroidered doll.

Among the stash of treasures my Mom gave me were some doll transfers.  My finished snowman is much smaller than I expected.

I stuffed him with rice because I wanted to have a bean bag feel to him but I'm not happy with the result.  The rice falls from his head into his tummy - so he ends up fat with a floppy head.  I'll probably stuff the next doll with regular polyester fibre fill. 
I like the French knots at the top of his boots - it does give the shearling effect well.
The bouillon rose stitched buttons look nice and I think his nose turned out pretty cute too.

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Mad Tatter said...

Your snowman is adorable. And I can read your posts now. Very good.