Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alpina and I are going on an adventure in September!

My bike, Alpina and I are going on an adventure in September!

I am celebrating my 5 year cancer-free announcement by doing a happy dance, cutting off over a foot of hair, and riding my bike 150 kilometers through Riding Mountain National Park!

Alpina and I have been travelling all over Winnipeg for the last couple of summers.  Now we’re ready to go far beyond the bike trails around Transcona, and go all the way from Dauphin to Clear Lake and back.

I invite you to show your support towards my fund-raising goal for the MS Bike tour
Not only will you be supporting The MS Society, but you will be helping me celebrate my own health and happiness.

The next 2 people to donate $50 or more on-line will receive a pair of hand knit socks as a special thank you.


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Congratulations on your first five years, I hope there are many more. Well done

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