Sunday, September 22, 2013

I’ve Never Really Taught Anyone How to Tat But…..

I’ve never actually taught anyone how to tat but those days are over – almost.  I can no longer say I’ve never taught anyone how to tat because I did teach my niece the beginning steps to tatting when she came to visit me this summer.  I suppose now I have to say “I’ve never finished teaching someone how to tat.”

We went on the Paddle Wheel River Boat Tour and brought along tatting supplies just in case we felt we had time to play with thread.  We did.  It was wonderful tatting while floating along the river enjoying the lovely weather, the water, the boat – the day.
First 3 knots!
After a few persistent attempts my Edana (13) made her first few tatted knots.  What a proud aunt I am!

Not long after that her first tatted ring was completed.
First tatted ring!
I showed her how to make picots but we didn't get as far as learning how to make them consistent or how to join them, or how to make chains – I guess that will all have to wait for the next visit.

When you teach people how to tat – what tips do you give?  Do you have favourite resources you share with new tatters?


Madtatter80 said...

you taught her the flip that's the most important thing for me. I get a small rope cut in half and use a marker to show one different than other and tie a knot then show how applying tension can switch the knots and this explains the stitches on the ring to get it to slide. one that mountain is climbed it's all down hill from there!

Margarets designer cards said...

I am teaching my grand daughter, the flip was the hardest part of teaching her. I pass on patterns I think might interest her and have brought her supplies for Christmas and birthdays. She's 13 and has been learning for over a year, we don't get a lot of time when we see her but she loves to see what I am doing and sends me pictures of bits she has made. She has her own shuttles and she does look at videos on YouTube.
I hope your grand daughter keeps up the good work, another tatter in the making

God's Kid said...

That is really awesome!! :) I tell them about YouTube and to be careful cuz' everyone tats a little differently, and I show them several of the blogs that I follow so they can see what different types of things can be made with tatting. :)