Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Try at Making Lace is a Winner

When niece Edana came to visit this summer I took her to the Northern Lights Lace Makers meeting. I thought Edana would like this so much that the dates for her visit were chosen around being able to go to the NLLM meeting.

The ladies there welcomed Edana, showed her their projects, explained what they were doing and even let her try lace making.
Iona's project
Ewa's project
Jocelyn prepared a beginner lace making kit and gave a one on one lesson. Thank you Jocelyn!
Edana's first lace project in progress
I was amazed that Edana learned the basics so quickly. Lace making is something I haven’t even tried yet (do I really have time to take on even more projects?) and I was impressed how quickly Edana caught on.
Jocelyn's sample
Edana's finished earrings
Edana went home with some bobbins, thread and the pattern for the earrings. She put it all together and entered it in her community’s fall fair. She won!
Edana's photo of her prize winning lace display
I wonder is lovely fishy lace earrings are going to make up a big part of her Christmas gift giving plan this year. If they are, I sure hope she sends a pair to me!


Madtatter80 said...

Oh how cute love the little fish I think that is a great first project I so want to try it!

Monica said...

I don't know how to do bobbin lace but I think perhaps my niece and the NLLM are inspiring me to learn. The instructions for the fish project are available online here: http://bit.ly/19ZKBAW