Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frank the Mouse

I took my mom to the Winnipeg Zoo Gift Shop so she could look around and possibly buy some presents for her grand kids.  While she was shopping I looked around too and started playing with the puppets (almost 40 doesn't make me too old to play with puppets, right?).  I found this little mouse and he had so much personality that I played with him all over the store.  By the time mom was ready to leave, I felt like I had pretty much worn out the puppet so of course I had to bring him home with me.

I asked my friend Stephen, a 12 and a half year old budding film director / producer / editor to make a short film of Frank to showcase his personality.  This is what he came up with.

Thanks Stephen!


** jess! ** said...

You can never be too old to play with puppets! Love the video too cute! I'll have to show Livi tomorrow, (she just went to bed) She'll get a kick out of it! :o)

H J Hess said...

so cute!

tattrldy said...

Very cute video! I agree, never too old to play with puppets.

Dragonothe said...

One of the joys of life is being able to act like a kid and have fun.

I never really learned how to be a kid (hadda help Mama with the siblings) until I was about 17 and discovered amusement parks! Haven't stopped practicing kidness since!

Thank you for such a great smile. And Frank the Mouse is very handsome.